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Your Kokotalk OneNumber can be associated to as many communication devices as you want and any mobile or fixed line network. Your OneNumber stays with you permanently even if you decide to change networks. So if you want to move to another network provider… no need to worry about changing Company letterhead/ website contact details or having to tell all your friends you have a new number. OneNumber for all your devices on any Network, be it your Phones, Tablets, PC, or SIP phone (provided by Kokonet), makes Kokotalk the only way to get real number portability in Seychelles.

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Brand New App

An innovative solution for those who prefer things SMART. No more making a note of the number, waiting for the call back and then entering the number you wish to dial… just simply dial out from your contacts list directly. As long as your device has data connectivity, Kokotalk will work anytime, anywhere. This includes any WiFi Hotspot (including Kokozone) - please ensure you have full signal strength so as to guarantee a high quality connection. If the WiFi signal is low, you can still use Kokotalk by initiating a call back direct from the application.

Fixed Line for the Office or Home

If you want High Definition voice and the comfort of a fixed speaker phone for your office or home, we have the perfect deal for you. Choose from several high quality Kokotalk approved VoIP phones that are preconfigured with an important piece of software that allows the phone to find Kokotalk from Anywhere in the World ! Ranging from the basic desk phone to the flexible wireless DECT phone system (ideal for small businesses). Up to 5 extensions off the 1 base station and optional extenders to increase coverage area if necessary.

Online Payment Facility

You no longer need to find a shop that sells our recharge cards… Now you can recharge your Kokotalk account online, through Paypal. An easy, safe & convenient way of re-charging your account